Metal Roofing in the Kawartha's

Steel Awnings

steel awning over red wood door

A steel awning will extend a roof over your front door, patio or porch. An awning will enhance and extend the front entry sheltering visitors, family and your door from the elements and harsh rays of the sun. A steel awning is the most durable awning available, holding many pounds of solid precipitation such as snow, hail or sleet that are common in the Kawartha Lakes area and can withstand severe high winds.

Benefits of a Steel Awnings

Makes your home more energy efficient

Studies have shown that having an awning over your doors can help block the sun's rays. It has been shown in studies that an awning can block up to 77% of the direct heat that enters through your home's door. This causes your indoor temperature to drop 8-15 degrees and cut your energy cost by up to 25%.

Shelter from the sun

Having a steel awning can help protect you and your family from the sun's harmful UV rays. A tree can do the same thing as an awning but you have to wait years for it to grow to maturity and take care of it as well! An awning is a perfect way to cover any part of your house with a protective covering.

Aesthetic approaches

Steel awnings are used by some of the top architectural firms and designers in North America. The steel is functional in protecting from the elements, however designers are also using the long lasting versatile material as a method of enhancing and extending the footprint of a front entry or other area of a home. You may chose a color that compliments your home or select a color or material that will stand out such as corten steel or copper. A steel awning can offer a unique look that will reflect your individual taste.

Protect wooden door frames

In our climate we experience several types of climates that wood door frames have to stand up to: rain, sweltering heat, ice, freezing cold. With all these types of weather no wonder wooden door frames require so much maintenance! Steel awnings can help protect your frames from the elements and cut down on the money and time you have to spend maintaining them.

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