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Eavestroughing is an extremely important part of your roofing system. Without it many of your home's vulnerable parts, such as your foundation, could become severely damaged.

Eavestroughs are the most vital part of your home's water management system after your roof. A broken or missing gutter can cause water collected from your roof to fall on the ground close to your home damaging areas under your roofline like stairs, decks or any landscaping features you may have. If your home has downspouts that are not long enough or eavestroughs that are not long enough, water can pool up and flow back into your foundation. Once there, the water can seep in cracks and expand and cause damage when it freezes.

5" Eavestroughs

In the past, the standard width of gutters was 4" wide. With larger roofs and more knowledge about water management, some houses today need 5" gutters to handle the amount of water flowing through them.

If you have noticed any leaking or overflow from your eavestroughing, this could lead to more severe problems in the future. You do not want to leave these small problems until there is a torrential rain and those little problems turn into big ones! A new gutter system that integrates larger eavestrough widths may be a good idea for your home.

20 Year Life Span

If your home or cottage has old style eavestroughing, more than likely they were built to have a life span of around 20 years. How old is your home? When was the last time that you replaced your gutters? We suggest that the next time there is a decent downpour, put on some rain gear and have a look at home your water systems act and if there are any trouble spots. Call us if you see:

  1. Does water pour off the roof quickly and skip over or spill out of your gutters? This could mean that the current eavestroughing is too narrow for your roof or that you need to clean debris from the gutter.
  2. Is water leaking through the bottom of the gutters or at the seams? This could mean that there are holes or cracks which need to be repair immediately before a larger problem occurs.

Keep your Gutters Clean

When your eavestoughing has been cleaned and repaired, ensure that you maintain them by cleaning out any leaves and debris the collects there. By keeping them clean you ensure that water has an unobstructed pathway to the down spout.

Eavestroughs are available in aluminum, copper or steel and come in a variety of colours.

Contact LAP Roofting today if you have eavestroughing on your home or cottage in the Kawartha Lakes region that needs to be repaired or replaces.

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