Metal Roofing in the Kawartha's

Soffit and Fascia


white soffit underneath roof

Soffit is a covering that fits between the outside edges of your roof and the wall of your home or cottage. It protects and seals the rafter feet of your roof. You will know if your house has soffit if you were to stand directly underneath the overhang of your roof and look up and see a covering going from your wall to underneath the eavestroughing.

By Combining our soffit with the fascia, our product is able to provide excellent airflow while at the same time keeping out pests like insects and rodents. It will provide you with protection throughout the life time of your investment and give you that peace of mind for as long as you own your home.


diagram of fascia

Fascia is different from Soffit in that it is the vertical board that covers the edges of your rafter boards up to the underside of the roof. It is also used for its cosmetic appeal as looking at a finished fascia board is much nicer than looking at exposed rafters. Its main purpose, along with soffit, is to protect the interior of your home from the elements outside.

One great way to improve the appearance of your home if by installing fascia. This product will not only enhance your home by removing the need for time consuming and expensive painting, but will last for years to come due to modern manufacturing methods and longer lasting materials.

Lap Roofing offers a large array of colors that will fit any need for your home in the Kawartha Lakes area. Contact Us and allows us to set you up with the perfect product for your needs.

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