Metal Roofing in the Kawartha's

Steel Roofing

Steel roofing has numerous benefits over conventional roofing options when you live in the Kawartha Lakes area. Metal is a far superior material for many reasons including fire resistance, durability and the benefit to the environment.

When it comes to the weight and durability of steel roofing, it has an extremely long life span. Steel should last 50 years or more which is important in the Kawarthas where weather can be quite severe. This happens to be several times longer than even the highest quality shingles. Steel will not decompose, it does not curl or crack like shingles. Steel is UV resistant, as well as help resist insects, mildew, and rot. Steel also can withstand much rougher weather conditions as it can withstand extremely high winds. A steel roof is the best way to keep your home or cottage in the Kawartha Lakes area safe from water and moisture damage that would otherwise happen with conventional asphalt shingles.

People tend to believe that a steel roof is heavier than other options or that the roof will require extra support. Steel roofing is actually lighter than asphalt shingles. A great benefit to having steel is that it does not absorb any moisture, therefore staying the same weight in all types of weather.

A steel roof will not catch fire, it is non-combustible and has a Class A fire rating. This allows for your roof to withstand severe fire exposure that starts from outside of the structure.

As for the environment, most steel roofing is almost 100 percent recyclable, which is a great benefit. Most new steel roofs are made with some recycled material, and since steel lasts so much longer than shingle it makes a significant difference in the land fills as there is no need to dispose of roofing materials as often. Steel roofing is also energy efficient as it helps block the transfer of heat to the attic, which than translates energy savings for you the client.

grey metal roof on brick/siding home  beige metal roofing on rustic wood home red metal roof tiles

Corten Steel

At LAP Roofing, we are pleased to announce that we also sell and install Corten Steel Roofing products. Corten Steel is only suitable in certain applications so be sure to contact Paul and find out if Corten Steel is right for you.

Corten Steel is one of the newer products for the steel roofing market and is used to give your roof a rustic weathed look while providing the protection and durability that you would expect from a steel roof. Here are just a few things that make Corten Steel so special:

  1. It has a beautiful natural and rustic finish.
  2. When first installed, Corten Steel looks like brand new metal but once the protective oils are removed, it begins to take on its unique rust finish.
  3. The surface of your roof will be reactive which means the coloration is variable and will change.
  4. The core of Corten Steel products is non corosive so even though the surface will rust, the structural integrity of the product will not be compromised.
  5. It is available in a large number of sheet sizes to fit your individual needs.

Our motto "Do it once, do it in steel!"

The images on the top are examples of Paul's work with corten steel as siding, detail on deck, and lower roof. The image at the bottom is an example of corten steel used in contemporary architecture.

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